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"Walking down the inviting white crushed marble pathway to the front door of The Helm House, the breeze from the harbor kissed my face, the sunshine soaked into my bones, and I immediately felt a sense of calm.  As I opened the front door, the warmth and love of the home washed over me, the cross breeze of the ocean air cleansed my soul, and I immediately felt all of the troubles of the world melt away.  This feeling continued as I made my way to the back deck and sat, embraced by views of the harbor, its calm stillness offering a sense of serenity.  As I closed my eyes briefly to take it all in, the church bells from across the harbor ringing, I felt at home despite having never laid foot in The Helm House before this day."

Where it all began...

Originally built in 1878, The Helm House is a seaside escape that has been home to just four families for over 140 years, with its most recent owners, Sarah and Matt, having purchased the home.  This exclusive boutique vacation rental property is sure to fill you up and leave you wanting to return. 


Sarah and Matt met in a small town in New Hampshire when they were just 15 and 16 years old.  They went on to build their life together with their two children, relocating often due their U.S. Navy roots.  As a Navy wife, Sarah’s resiliency grew, and she learned to adapt very quickly to change.  As any military family knows well, uprooting your life every few years can feel stressful and overwhelming, especially with small children.  Matt and Sarah quickly learned that what mattered to them most was ensuring that each house they lived in truly felt like 'home.' They focused on the little details, chose quality over quantity, and with Sarah’s interior design vision leading the way, created homes filled with warmth and charm, homes that offered a safe haven to rest, reflect, and relax. 


As the children of fathers who were both in the construction industry, Sarah and Matt were no strangers to the value of hands-on work.  As a young girl, Sarah was fascinated with old homes and the history of New England.  She loved exploring old homes, opening up walls to discover time capsules, and learning about the owners who lived there.  With each residence, Matt and Sarah fell in love with the idea of preserving what was present in a home, the bones of it, the charm, and ultimately honoring the history contained. 


With Boothbay Harbor being a working waterfront, Sarah and Matt felt pulled to look at properties there, feeling a tie back to their love of history and hands on work.  Three months later, they purchased The Helm House and their labor of love began.  Both of them worked tirelessly over the next year with much sweat, perseverance, and support from friends, family and neighbors.


With Matt being a retired United States Naval Aviator, the name The Helm House was inspired by the family’s Navy roots.  The person at the helm of a ship is in charge of the direction of that ship, ultimately driving their destiny.  Much like when Matt and Sarah took action to pursue their dream, they took action to lead the restorations with their vision for The Helm House.  With the intent to honor this historical homes history, they took charge and steered their so called “ship”.  From the moment that Matt and Sarah stepped up to the helm and into the 140 year old home, they knew that good things would happen…and if you are reading this, they surely did.


Nestled directly in the heart of downtown Boothbay Harbor, The Helm House offers an escape from the chaos of the every day.  It is a seaside safe haven filled with history, character, and tranquility.  With every step you take inside the home, you are bathed in sunshine and breathtaking views of the harbor.  Matt and Sarah began with the bones of this historical farmhouse by the sea, maintained its charm, and created a beautiful space that invites you in to be a part of it’s story.  The Helm House is bursting at the seams with thought for its’ guests and love is sprinkled all over.


From the words “you are amazing” written on the bedroom mirror, to the spa-like shower in the upstairs bathroom, no detail has been spared.   The blue, purple and pink hydrangeas that line the home are sure to please the senses and the raised garden with fresh herbs and native flowers growing near the spiral staircase is perfect for cooking or garnishing a refreshing cocktail. The pinnacle of the home is its stunning rooftop deck accessed via the most charming seafoam green spiral staircase.  Sitting near the highest point in Boothbay Harbor, the rooftop deck offers exceptional views of the harbor, the nearby islands, sunrises, and sunsets. Perfectly affixed to the front of the top deck is a large ships helm is affording an opportunity to drive your own destiny as you take in breathtaking harbor views.  It is the perfect spot to unwind and bathe in the magnificence that is Boothbay Harbor, Maine. 


If you are looking for a safe haven by the sea, time away to relax and unwind, and a home filled with history, charm, love, and ALL the details, The Helm House was made for you.  The home is within walking distance to all of downtown offering restaurants, bars, shopping, beauty, and adventure for as far as the eye can see. Leave your keys and your worries behind when you visit The Helm House.  Step into the heart of Boothbay Harbor and away from the chaos of the every day.  Connect with nature, loved ones and friends in this beautiful, welcoming space as you create stories and memories that are sure to last a lifetime. 

Become part of the story and a part of history at The Helm House in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

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