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A date night is a great way to get out and enjoy some quality time with your significant other. Whether it be a nice dinner or just going for ice cream, date nights are important because they help you reconnect with each other by spending time and doing things together. 

As busy parents, Matt and I understand first-hand how important it is to enjoy adult time. Boothbay Harbor is a perfect place to enjoy an evening out and with local professional childcare services, have the peace of mind that your children are being properly cared for!

Mom and a Child

Helm House Approved 

Babysitters in

Boothbay Harbor 

Trusting someone to watch your children can be stressful - we have two small children so we can relate! We invite you to contact one of our verified and approved babysitters in the area that we have used in the past! Please reach out and we can provide their contact information.

**The Helm House cannot guarantee availability but with advance notice most can accommodate your requests. **


Locate and Research Babysitters

in Boothbay Harbor is a website that can help you search for a local babysitter. With proper planning, you can also post a job outlining the type of babysitter you need and some details about the requirements of the job, and babysitters can apply! 

There is a cost to utilize these services. Please visit to learn more. 

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